Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern is a director of photography in the Atlanta, GA area.  Having moved here from New York in 2012, he's been shooting anything from sports features to corporate videos to promo videos for social. Dream big, spread a message, make a cool video.



-ESPN, FOX, Turner, HGTV, WWE, The Weather Channel, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, NASCAR, MLB productions, NBATV, SEC Network, TVone,, ELeague, FS1, Formula 1, Golf Channel.


  • Sony F5 Cine alta 4k

  • sony a7sII

  • Ronin, Ronin S, ready rig

  • mytworks slider

  • 21” flanders scientific production monitor with quad split

  • 6x astras, bi color light panels, arri tungsten, wescott scrim jim, reflectors