Evolving Frank Fitness Video

I started going to the gym a couple months ago.  I don't like the traditional "lift stuff up put it down" so I found a guy who makes up a different class every day. We use a lot of body weight stuff, workouts on turf, and sometimes weights.

Frank has a pretty big Instagram following and found out I make videos so we decided to take a Saturday and shoot 3 videos, each about minute long for Instagram.  This guys worked out for like 5 hours straight, 3 outfits and lots of reps.  I shot it all with the Sony F5 at 120 fps and sometimes at 24fps "just 'cuz".  

I took all the footage home and began to edit.  Had to find some good tunes, and even for one of the videos I used a song a fellow gym member made! After cutting in Final Cut, I ran it through Davinci Resolve to add some color to S-log footage, then back into Final Cut to add some effects. Having just shot before and not having edited too much, I learned a lot about how to shoot S-log footage better to make the edit easier.

The end products turned out pretty awesome. 3 separate videos, each one min long. So after roughly 24 hours of work, I put out 3 total minutes of video. And that my friends, is TV.

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