A7sII - Testing it out

I recently got a Sony A7sII.  It's a sweet little camera - mirrorless, shoots 4k, up to 120fps, is light, and is super great in low light.  I hadn't shot in a while, so I decided to take it out to a party I was invited to just to mess around with it.

I shot in S-log 3 at night with the Sony 28mm f2 lens. I shot mostly in 1080/60, but did a couple shots in 120 just to check it out.  I didn't shoot nearly enough footage to make a longer piece than :30 - probably because I was also taking part in the party... BUT what I did get, turned out.

I brought it back into Final Cut (don't hate I like it) and chopped it up.  Since I shot in S-log I had to color in DaVinci Resolve, which, to be honest, I'm still new at.  I was initialy worried because the footage was really grainy.  Once I brought it through DaVinci though, it looked totally fine. Technology had me doubting.


Check it out here: BOAT