MSNBC - MailChimp - No Monkey Business

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of shooting for MSNBC at MailChimp HQ here in Atlanta. I had just signed up for their service about a week before to send out newsletters, kind of ironic.  Their office space followed the, millennial attracting Google model of foosball tables, chill lounges and a bunch of people working remotely watching the World Cup. It looked like a cool place to work, and when we talked to CEO Ben Chestnut he seemed like a great person to work for. I could get used to being surrounded by all the different chimps. We ran our main interview first, where Ben talked about how MailChimp took off and how it affected himself, his family, and his employees.  He had some valuable information for business owners like myself. After, we interrupted people to grab b-roll of them and made Ben and his business partner pose. "Hey, just pretend to type and click while I stick this camera in your face. Ok, now point. Nice!" (I'm a great coach).

Watch the finished piece here: MailChimp: This is no Monkey Business


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