Who says 30 is past your prime?

As you get older, people keep telling you how they wish they were 20 again. They say their bodies have broken, they have no energy, if only they had youth again. Ummm, excuse me, you're in your 30's, that's not old and it's not to late to work out. My friend Silvia is proof that turning 30 means nothing. Silvia had approached me about a photo session to celebrate her birthday and her fitness journey. 

We went down to our gym and set up some balloons and took some shots that would be described by Silvia as "being extra". I used the daylight as a fill and my flashes to key and backlight to light her up and make the color of the balloons stand out.  


She also asked for some fitness photos to celebrate her journey. We did a variety of workouts that she liked and that worked well on camera (sometimes when you're working out, your face just doesn't look right - remember to breathe). I would make her do the lifts slowly and hold things that would normally be fast. It's all for the picture after all, I don't care if it burns, I need the shot and you'll love the outcome.